Jakubská cesta 61
974 01 Banská Bystrica
ICO: 42394520, DIC: 2120040890

Martin Kollár
telefón: 0903 121 984

Orient bazzar

The true Oriental atmosphere of the historic market comes alive. Surprises of  the bazaar, full of stalls and traders,  lies in front of you and are still waiting. Oriental atmosphere absorbs you into its vortex, and you suddenly find yourself in another world ...

 -  Bazaar is located in a large tent or hall decorated so that the space is visually closed, and entering people had to pass through the bazaar
 - stalls and bazaars merchants, each merchant has its own corner and attracts potential customers, a typical deal-to-deal way
 -  Merchant of arms and armor
 -  Merchant of fabrics, carpets and clothes
 -  Merchant of spices
 -  Bidder offering various types of snacks and nuts
 - Jewelery trader
 - Merchant in ropes and nets
 - Tamer of snakes - fakir
 - Water pipe smoking room
Additional programs
 - Fakir art demonstrations
 - Fire show
 - Fencing performances adapted to the Orient- Turkish and Arab world